Eternal Tapestry

The brothers Bindeman hold down quite a few prominent positions in the new wave of sprawling psychedelia. Nick, who has appeared here before with his solo project Tunnels, also punches time in Jackie-O-Motherfucker while his brother Jed has continued to blister the skins in Heavy Winged among others. This isn't their first outing together, and I'll hope emphatically that it won't be their last, but this reissue of their all too limited Altar of Grass CD-r is much appreciated. The brothers have brought along for the ride fellow Jackie-O guitarist Dewey Mahood and Bob Jones (Evolutionary Jass Band) on Bass. So, to say that there's a certain amount of talent running through the veins of Eternal Tapestry would be an understatement. Altar sees the band in calmer waters than I've sometimes heard them but the liquid edges of space rock they push into are welcome by any means. Taking cues from the book of Hawkwind and to a lesser extent Can, the band update that heritage for a newer generation of space/time traveler looking to fixate on the sympathetic tones of the stratosphere and lay on themselves upon the Altar. It's as complete a crossover of the limitless reaches of space rock and the earthen beat of tribal as there ever was. The band has also released an LP on NNF which may be seeing the last of its run but here's hoping for more from this ensemble soon.

[MP3] Eternal Tapestry - Altar of Grass

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sweet looking people

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The woods are getting crowded.....

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