Eden Express

An unexpected surprise from the ranks of Holy Mountain. Considering the band's membership includes Kip Uhlhorn of Cloudland Canyon, whose Kraut-pocked last album on Kranky is decidedly lighter than most of the Mountains alums, I suppose I shouldn't have been two caught off guard. But nonetheless Eden Express' tropicalia by way of burbling Eastern psych was not the sounds I had expected from this combination. The tropicalia is at the most laid back end of the spectrum, think Os Mutantes "Baby" and you're getting close, but married to a surreal mystical psychedelia that pulls from the murky smoke over "Planet Caravan's" dark waters. Add to this already beautifully languorous mix a psych-pop cover of one of my all time favorite songs, The Pretty Things' "Loneliest Person" and I'm pretty much hooked. It seems that the recordings were made without much thought to actually being a band but rather to get the songs out, but whatever the circumstances, it seems that necessity proved to craft a fine band indeed. This is probably the best I've heard out of Holy Mountain since Wooden Shjips and Blues Control landed there and naturally I'm excited for this one to grace my stereo on vinyl.

[MP3] Eden Express - Kaleidoscope
[MP3] Eden Express - Loneliest Person

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