Darker My Love

Darker My Love's debut showed promise, a band with an understanding of psych's past and with enough love of shoegaze to inject that love with a certain updated sheen. But while the album showed promise it also lacked something to make it memorable. The very description of the album on Dangerbird's site posits it as "leaving you wanting more" Exactly it just needed something more. So while the last album was recorded by a less is more disciple of Albini, this time 'round the band have teamed with veteran studio whiz Dave Cooley and the shimmering, lush psych-soul that envelops 2 is just that extra bit I was looking for. Swirling layers of guitars that float but don't engulf the songs, stacks of vocals that shimmer with Cali-sunsoaked soul, and propulsive rhythms aplenty; this album is precisely what the last "promised." Wet with reverb and blown clean by coastal breeze; 2 is overflowing with the soul of their West Coast home but somehow still shot through with an uncanny sense of British style melancholy. This album has enforced my belief that a return to developing artists is needed. Had the band been expected to blow people away immediately they might never have grown into the monster they are here. An excellent entry into 2008.

[MP3] Darker My Love - Pale Sun
[MP3] Darker My Love - White Composition

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love these LA/SF boys! Can't wait for their new album, 2, to come out!

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Blogger Furry Lunchbox said...

I just saw this band last night for the first time at the Echo. That was awesome! I love it, and I think I will be a huge fan!!

8:35 PM  

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