Though rooted in a post-rock past, Apse, one of the latest signings to ATP, has moved far beyond the realm of predictable crescendos and instrumental workouts. The band has evolved into a much more formidable force and with the further emphasis on singer Robert Toher's spectral vocals and an amped up rhythmic force, Spirit arrives as the band's most captivating work to date. Focusing on what they describe as a "tribal" rhythmic style, the band has branched out into an underlying cacophony of drums creeping the songs along like a pulsing wave. This is dark war-like wooden tribal, no sight of celebratory Animal Collective drum circles here, as the title might let on Spirit is more about raising the ghosts from the barren ground, feet clapped to the earth and smoke rising in the pre-dawn light. Apse have been tooling around the foreign labels for some time now, despite their American heritage and its fitting that they should land on a home as diverse as ATP. The band has tested the waters on past releases but it seems that they've finally found their stride with Spirit.

[MP3] Apse - Legions
[MP3] Apse - The Crowned

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Anonymous Jeff said...

I'm really digging this new Apse disc. Awesome stuff!

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