All right, all right, since this didn't run last week due to the mid year rundown (and you know best of's only happen twice a year, I'm allowed to break stride for a week) we're gonna run it this week. This week gets a dual theme (of sorts). As 70's hard rock gave way to 70's prog rock, there begins an emphasis on excess and this can sometimes be an enjoyable thing. These are a few 70's rockers with just a touch of over the top fun included. Though what I found was that some of the more excessive bands of the era also come in for some of the downright worst names of the era. Coincidence? I guess you decide. This is by no means tongue in cheek as excessive or not all of these songs are totally enjoyable.

[MP3] Its All Meat - Roll My Own
Ok this is certainly one of the all time worst band names I can think of. A chugging rocker that's given some excellent touches of flourish due to flashy guitar licks and a swelling organ (um no pun intended). Definitely not the most concise number of the generation but fueled by sweat and pummeling drum workouts its certainly got the rock. Then about the 3:30 mark it somehow actually becomes a totally different song. Probably coulda hit the fade earlier but I guess they wanted to give the organ player another shine in the light.

[MP3] Fuzzy Duck - Double Time Woman
Fuzzy Duck actually win a prize for the terrible name and probably one of the worst covers in 70's rock (look it up, its atrocious). This bonus cut off of their reissued album's got some decent moves though. A thumping blues beat and heavy keys with a classic rock holler on the vocals, especially when reaching for the high notes. The background vox can get a bit over the top (hence its inclusion here) but never overpowering. If you can get over the image of a little lost duckling when listening then you're in for a good ride.

[MP3] Cain - Queen of the Night
Cain isn't such a terrible moniker but paired with an album titled "A Pound of Flesh" and sporting a cover of various cuts of raw meat, it begs inclusion anyway. This one goes way over the top with the vocals heralding the rise of metal to come. Not a bad riff actually and with the exception of the reaching for the heavens harmonies this has some good potential. Its an enjoyable ride all the same

[MP3] Duffy - Banker
Yeah Duffy didn't become any better a name when picked up this year by the Welsh pop singer. Anyway these guys had it first. Some borderline Boston keyboards undercut the beginning of this rocker; which rips along pretty well until you hit the tender moments of Zep style breakdown towards the middle. Its kinda smoothes the end a little bit too much. I like my rockers like i like my peanut butter and this one could be a little crunchier. All in all though its got the elements that filled sweaty stadiums in the 70's and despite the floundering ending, it even picks things up a little with some obligatory blues harmonica.

[MP3] Gun - Race With The Devil
Ah so we end with Gun. Not too terrible in the name category but not the most thoughtful of names out there. This one hits over the top like they were shooting for it, horns and Satanic analogies a-blazing. Its got this rollicking beat throughout but it all goes loose once you hit the manic screams coupled with those all too present horns. This is, well I guess I leave this one up to you to judge for yourself. Its a crazy trip and definitely worth taking. This one actually caught on as a single in their native UK and Gun featured members of Ginger Baker's post Cream band The Baker Gurvitz Army.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I like my rockers like i like my peanut butter" and "swelling organ". One of your more articulate posts this time.

I'm not that big a fan of over-the-top prog-type rock, but this stuff isn't too bad. Doesn't hold a candle to the real garage stuff, but not bad nonetheless.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good stuff. But it doesn't hit the spot like those straight-up garage rockers or those thunderous proto-metal grooves.

1:49 PM  
Blogger Infrason said...

There's a long time i'v not heard "Race with the devil" !

And thanks for Duffy.

2:00 PM  
Blogger Kai said...

Race with the devil is a good one. Thanks!

8:23 AM  

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