Matt Bauer

Following up on a woefully under heard EP, Wasps and White Roses, Bauer has more than outdone himself on his latest album. Revolving loosely around the story of a young woman found dead near Matt's home in Kentucky in 1968 but expanding into themes of life and loss; the natural transparency of beauty and humanity's fleeting grasp on the inevitability of death. Wrapped in Bauer's husk dry delivery and aided by his mournful pluck, The Island Moved In The Storm soaks through your consciousness like bourbon; sweet smoke fading into a satisfying burn that moves through every vein. As with his last offerings, the production is kept appropriately stark, though never barren. Again, as with his collaboration with Jolie Holland on the previous EP, Bauer enlists the aid of exceptional performers; with cameos from Mariee Sioux, Alela Diane, Angel Deradoorian (of Dirty Projectors), Elizabeth Dotson-Wesphalen (St. Vincent) and more turning up on The Island. This begins Bauer's reign over the singer songwriter idiom, and I truly hope that with this larger statement he finally draws the attention he deserves.

[MP3] Matt Bauer - Don't Let Me Out
[MP3] Matt Bauer - Rose and Vine

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