King Darves

An unexpectedly weathered take on the singer-songwriter/bedroom folk idiom outta the Destijl stables here. King Darves, despite the whisky and smoke cured croon that would beg otherwise, is a young New Jersian (that can't possibly be a word) who filters old soul touches and dare I say a bit of pop through the threadbare assembly of songs that is The Sun Splts For... The Blind Swimmer. The results are actually quite entrancing and dig deeper under your skin with each listen. The key to this seems to be the combination of the rich booming vocals that reach far beyond their years and the patchy beauty of Darves' songwriting. For a guy who has previously released records more steeped in dissonance than charm this record is a delightful surprise that ends up as enjoyably timeless as any long lost Mississippi blues gem.

[MP3] King Darves - All In My Sleep
[MP3] King Darves - Fishhook

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