Factums have popped up on some pretty notable labels, hitting up releases for Killshaman, Siltbreeze, Pollymaggoo and now they've wrestled in nicely among the ranks at Sacred Bones. With their dank, rattled take on the skeletal remains of post-punk it's no surprise that they have run-ins/associations/common members with A Frames and The Intelligence. Stark rhythmic jitters and gag muffled vocals fall alongside some strangled guitars and syncopated krautisms. Hypnotic and ritualistic, the band mumble ceremonial birth rites for lost races above static trance-fuzzed communications with the dead. This is a dark record and like most of what I've experienced with Sacred Bones it takes a few listens to really sink in, but once it does, it syncs up with your pulse and spreads like disease through your blood. Packaged in tune with all the other SB full lengths; one sided screen printing that's absolutely beautiful. Grab one of these while you can. Edition of 900 with bonus 7".

[MP3] Factums - Soundhole
[MP3] Factums - Mushrooms

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