Endless Boogie

There's been no truer name for a band that I can remember in recent years than that of Endless Boogie. The veteran group has a reputation for playing live shows only when asked, a recording history that's virtually non-existent and a line-up that's littered with industry veterans (though not necessarily on the playing side). Despite this seemingly ragtag resume, Focus Level is just what the band's name promises; pounding, fevered, extended jams that burn with the hot tempered chooglin' soul of Classic Rock. This is a steamroller blowing the thick smoke of Creedence, Stack Waddy, Beefhart, Blues Creation and whatever other burnt embers of the 70's fall in its path.The fire that fuels this monster is all the more intense by the obvious joy that exudes from each note, each shuffling inch of boogie that rains down from the speakers. These are the sounds like a band playing for themselves, forgoing the fickle taste of music's current trappings and flaunting rock in the midst of a town that's long forgotten how to be moved by rock.

[MP3] Endless Boogie - Jammin' With Top Dollar

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