Eat Skull

Wearing their love of New Zealand scuzz pop on their sleeve, Eat Skull are bringing the lowest-fi aesthetics back to the pop song. Somewhere, buried under the layers of gristle, tape hiss and distortion there lie some catchy melodies but half the fun of Eat Skull is digging through the fuzz. With two members of The Hospitals amidst their ranks, its shouldn't be surprising that they've got a knack for the noise though; Rob Enbom and Rod Meyer have been fraying wires long enough to know what they're doing. Putting this experience to good use, the ES crew dredge through the filthiest reaches of strangled blues punk and gutter-strummed anthems. This one's got tinnitus potential to spare so while iPod fodder it is not, crank it at home on your shittiest pair of speakers and let it drive your neighbors crazy.

[MP3] Eat Skull - Shredders on Fry
[MP3] Eat Skull - Punk Trips

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Anonymous Nick said...

New Zealand Scuzz Pop??? What's that?

Nice blog

9:37 PM  
Blogger dissensous said...

New Zealand's got a great history of blown out, fuzzed up rock. Checkout anything you can from the ranks of bands like Great Unwashed, Axemen and newer stuff like Pumice.

5:05 PM  

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