This SanFran trio fuse bits of rhythmic psych, space-rock, metal and drone into a pungent sonic soup. Six plays out like an album-long shamanic soundscape into the foreboding darkness. The band, never content to let structure overtake effect, slide easily between bouts of chaotic riffing and pummeled drums to Ketamine dipped pastoral melts that stretch out in languorous ripples. The band split the album in half with the nearly 18 minute epic, "Magic Jordan" that smolders like forgotten embers. For the most part though, they ride the tide of Doom crashing through the naked forest, dirt under foot and the smell of rain damp in their nostrils; dark drugged ceremonies that culminate in sludged explosions of howled sound. The band features Matt, from the SF Aquarius Records stable and was recorded with the help of Aaron from Mammatus. The packaging on this matches the dark ritual vibes of the music perfectly with some sweet photos making this well worth snatching up.

[MP3] Wildildlife - Things Will Grow
[MP3] Wildildlife - Feed

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