Scott Tuma

No stranger to hushed acoustics, Scott Tuma was a member of the seminal Souled American, has released music under the name Good Stuff House with members of Zelienople and now with his third solo album Not For Nobody he continues to be a beacon in his field. The album wafts between delicate finger-picked lullabies and stirring ambient compositions, both of which echo a study in simplicity and recording the spaces between notes. Tuma has an uncanny ability to channel not only the slow beauty of string smiths like Suni McGrath but also the lonesome tones of Stars of the Lid, and what's more, he has the skill to be able to weave the two styles together seamlessly. Not for Nobody falls like slate gray rain against scratched window panes; cold and desolate, but at the same time comforting and reassuring. The wind blows through chimes in perfect precision with the loping guitar and buzzing drones that shudder underneath Tuma's playing, then dissipates into the lulling hum of the sun's last rays. Digitalis has included this as a part of their Arts & Crafts editions, which display some wonderful homemade packaging. You can see both versions at the link below.

[MP3] Scott Tuma - Tiktaalik
[MP3] Scott Tuma - Cimbal

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Blogger hotdoorknobs said...

LOVE this record. The acoustic n' harmonium combo is just gorgeous - might be my favorite of his albums to now...

Nice props, Diss-y...

11:09 AM  
Blogger is Mr. Thistle and Sassigrass said...

Love this too

12:30 PM  

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