Ponytail returns with a sophomore album, the aptly titled Ice Cream Spiritual for We Are Free. The band still merge punk energy with spazz aesthetics, but this time around they've added a nice candy coated sheen of pop that didn't come across as heavily on their first release. Of course the most engaging part of the stew is still Molly Siegel's brutal vocalizations, full of guttural growls and wordless squawks. The closest contemporaries for the Baltimore kids seem to be Afrirampo; except that I'm pretty sure the latter are speaking Japanese, I can't make a word (well maybe one or two on "7 Souls") out from Siegel, and I completely love that about her. They match the Japanese duo's primal energy though, tearing through the entire album like a furious 8 armed tornado of sound, squalor, hair and teeth. I'm still yet to catch them live, but from what I understand that's their true element so don't hesitate if they roll through your town.

[MP3] Ponytail - Small Wevs
[MP3] Ponytail - 7 Souls

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i saw them open for battles. they are for real

2:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love ponytail. i saw them at whartscape and i am so sad that they are not together anymore, but god were they amazing.

9:20 AM  

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