A double shot of pop fodder from two bands mining the past in wonderful ways.

The Bees/ The Mother Hips - Split 7" This thing looks like a lost dub single from '74 and and The Bees don't disappoint with a bit of reggae inflection and some cantina horns. As always The Bees remain completely lodged out of time and that's what I'll always love about them. They have a
knack for being able to appropriate older styles without sounding dated, rather like a completely forgotten gem that's just been dusted off and ready for your next mix tape. The Mother Hips on the flip don't have quite the knack for appropriation but they've got pretty decent pop chops and with the incorporation of a buttery organ and some starry eyed choruses "Childish Dreams" makes for an enjoyable 4 minute slice of summer sun.

[MP3] The Bees - Papa Echo

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