Luminarium, the latest full length from Swedish trio Tape has me fully engrossed in its crystalline concoction of electronics and calm purposeful composition. Tape last reared their head around here teaming up on that Tenniscoats album that sat firmly in amongst the best releases of last year; and this album holds them in no lesser standing. Luminarium feels like the aural equivalent to a negative utopia; this is 1984 or Brave New World summed up in perfect soundtrack. On the surface the album is beautiful, calming with spots that are pure sonic bliss, flecks of dubbed percussion and peacefully strummed guitar fold you into a state of glossy tranquility. But the edges are frayed. The electronics bend and distort just when you let your guard down, sweet notes warble sour just for a moment giving a sense of strange unease just below the surface. Frankly that they're able to pull this off so effortlessly is nothing short of a testament to Tape's prowess as musicians. This comes away as one of the most beautiful and yet eerily complex albums out this year and you'd do well to pick this up when it comes out in early May.

[MP3] Tape - Beams
[MP3] Tape - Fingers

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