Blank Dogs

Oh Man, after some serious anticipation and a bit of a delay the first Blank Dogs album is upon us. On Two Sides mines the very same nauseous deep space rot that his slew of 7 and 12"s laid down in the past year. Still chock full of drain pipe synths and tin-foil scorched vocals but with that ever-present burble of a catchy melody just brimming under the surface; each second of this album reverberates like tarnished chrome and nerve gas shocked into life by a low current bleed from bare wires. Seeing as up 'til now Blank Dogs rarely scratched the 4 track mark its great to see how cohesive he is on the long player. Chem-roasted synth punk bleeds its way into tortured bouts with narcoleptic dance paranoia up to its knees in yesterday's blood. This is the second release of the year and its only April (though this was slated for March), and I've no doubt in my mind that the dominance of '08 by Blank Dogs begins here.

[MP3] Blank Dogs - Ants
[MP3] Blank Dogs - Three Window Room

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