Ulaan Khol

Longtime RSTB favorite Steven R. Smith is already back in these pages. Not one to sit still long, Smith's second release of the year hits the shelves March 4th. Having just exorcised his acoustic visions on Owl and kicked out the free-noise jams with Thuja, Smith turns to what seems only a natural progression in sound. Angling his solo guitarisms out of the eastern psych realm and into the maelstrom of feedback and white heat that burns around Fushitsusha, the new album touches on another side of Smith's work. Floating blind in a sea of strangled strings and a nebulous covering of drone so thick it's difficult to tell which way the tracks are headed, Smith leaves little doubt to his mastery of the guitar. I, however is only the tip of this squelch laden iceberg, as it is the beginning of a trilogy called "Ceremony" to be released in full later this year and possibly into the next. II is scheduled for release this autumn also on Soft Abuse. A daunting undertaking at best but from the quality displayed on this entry into the series I think I'll be glad to let Smith take his time.

[MP3] Ulaan Khol - Untitled 2
[MP3] Ulaan Khol - Untitled 6

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Anonymous Bubbachups said...

Seems like we're on the same page again, fantastic release. The "buy it" link leads to NNF though.

3:26 PM  
Blogger dissensous said...

Whoops, sorry about that. I updated the link so it goes to Ulaan Khol.

12:06 AM  

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