A double shot of psych from South of the Border; representing the fertile rock scenes that sprung up all over South America in the late 60's.

Bango - Bango
Though the Brazilian rock scene may have been more well known for the impact of Tropicalia, Bango offer the heavy counterpoint to that scene's pop textures. Just as with artists in the trop scene, Bango
let their country's natural rhythms mix with the impact of Western pop music to form a wicked hybrid, but instead of spritely samba-pop numbers, Bango took the fire and squelch of hard rock and mixed it with an amalgam of funky organs, light acoustic touches and the exuberant spirit that tends to permeate all great Brazilian music. The acoustic diversions have their moments but when Bango, rock they leave very little in their wake, and these are the tracks where the band truly shine. A great release on the always interesting Shadoks label.

[MP3] Bango - Motor Maravilha
[MP3] Bango - Rock Dream

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Aguaturbia - Psychedelic Drugstore
If any country could have echoed the tumultuousness of the American Rock scene in the late 60's it was Chile, and Aguaturbia's lone album is a testament to the intensity their culture could add to the form. With
an almost spot-on cover of "Someone to Love" opening this album its almost hard to believe it was recorded outside of the U.S. but underneath the maelstrom of fuzz and the heavy blues that envelop like a heat-wave, Aguaturbia's restless spirit and funky rhythmic bent take this otherwise straight hard rock album into unique territories. Aside from a strong focus on blown out guitars, the other great focus of this album are the vocals of Denise (no last name listed) who delivers power and grace in equal measures. An essential album for fans of South American psych.

[MP3] Aquaturbia - Rollin' 'n' Tumblin'
[MP3] Aquaturbia - I Wonder Who

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is good stuff
led zep chile style
capturing both the intensity and the tendancies towards musical masturbation that was so prevalent then

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great stuff, keep it going. Interesting stuff, reminds me a lot of Kaleidoscope (the mexican one) and Os Mutantes.

7:44 PM  
Blogger parallelliott said...

woah those aquaturbia tracks kill

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aquaturbia actually had two LPs and "I Wonder Who" was from the second LP entitled Volumen 2.
This cover is the first album......great stuff!
Thanks for including it up here.

2:48 PM  
Blogger DIXXX said...

Complete Tracks CD:

11:20 PM  

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