Following up some small press recordngs and an album on Time-Lag, Portland, Maine's Matt Lajoie kicks out his first widely available release. On Wasp Stings the Last Bitter Flavor he's joined by Time-Lag head Nemo Bidstrup and Sparrow Wildchild both of whom add equal amounts of dank spectral hiss to his work. Eerie vibes twist between cave mouth alchemy and field recording ambience, creeping at the edges of darkness. While there's a true element of folk at the roots, Lajoie imbues his songs with dense textures of subtle clatter; woven into lonesome night odes that creep through the ridges in your spine. Head over to Digitalis and grab one of these, its part of their continuing Arts & Crafts edition series and the packaging is beautiful and fittingly dark.

[MP3] Cursillistas - Caves Carved in Golden Light
[MP3] Cursillistas - Moccasin Tramp

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