Religous Knives

Damn, not that they haven't in the past, but lately Troubleman has just been rolling out the great releases; Meneguar, Growing, Titus Andronicus and that upcoming Blank Dogs LP, and now this; a superb release from Brooklyn's Religious Knives. The group's Maya and Michael are no newcomers to the BK noise world, operating Heavy Tapes and running in with the Double Leopards crowd but matched up Nate Nelson they really cook things up. I'd enjoyed their previous release, Remains but Its After Dark has a much looser feel to it. Deep seated synths that ebb at noise and lap at melody mixed with reverb laden vocals and that all too familiar chug vs. clatter of percussion that's endearing me to so many out of the BK psych scene. Maya's vocals are a perfect mixture of spooky and lonely; reaching like a tether out of the turbulent tide of music that writhes underneath it. Another notch in the belt of the murk-psych-synth sprout up that's gaining a much deserved momentum lately.

[MP3] Religious Knives - The Sun
[MP3] Religious Knives - The Streets

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Blogger parallelliott said...

i've been digging it's after dark recently.

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