Not exactly a "new" release but in the case of Vetiver I'll take what I can get.

Vetiver - You May Be Blue Remixes
Cabic and the band release two of their songs from the wonderful To Find Me Gone for remix with pretty interesting results. Though not exactly giving the tracks to foreign hands, Cabic himself is one half of Neighbors, the re-workings end up
sounding much different from the originals; and despite the baffling concept of remixing a Vetiver track it actually works. Both tracks are wrapped in a kind of Kompakt dub and the high lonesome instrumental reworking of "Been So Long" is quite soothing. Still waiting on that next full length though AC, but I guess if its to be a proper follow-up to To Find Me Gone its gonna take some time huh? Keep an eye out though as details have surfaced about the much anticipated (by me anyway) covers record coming out in May.

[MP3] Vetiver - Been So Long (Neighbors Remix)

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