Blank Dogs - Diana (The Herald) 12"

This one definitely fell between the cracks of '07. With 5 limited and pretty much already OOP releases from '07, and 12, that's Twelve upcoming releases already scheduled for '08, on labels like Troubleman, Woodsist and In The Red, I figured this one would have been worn out, over talked and passé by the time I got around to giving it a nod. But, Hype Machine and Elbo.ws run silent on this case. Kicking out a quavering synth-roasted, bleary-eyed electro sludge with a severe case of hard-nosed yet deliriously squishy vocals piled on top. Blank Dogs aren't exactly pumpin' the dance beats, yet this sucker's got way more than a pulse under its belt. Occupying serious territory between Excepter's new-wave torture techniques and the glycerin murk of Blues Control, this is definitely a band to watch in the coming months, and they've got a knack for the limited release so better keep it a close eye. A couple of cassettes and 7"s peeking early but looks like the first major player to hit will be an LP on Troubleman with some enticing artwork posted (along with the rest of the planned release schedule HERE.

[MP3] Blank Dogs - Leaving The Light On
[MP3] Blank Dogs - Water Into Ice

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