Silje Nes

Norway's Silje Nes has crafted a wondrous and whimsical album in the form of Ames Room. Songs that are equal parts playful, simple and heartfelt all swirl around in a mixture homespun keys and spare bedroom beats. Her voice whispers from under the covers with lyrics written in the frost that forms on the windows. Nes works in lightly wound loops that burst with an intimate charm that is in no way uncommon to her home region. Claptrap ambience and an acute yet charmingly simple sense of merging the natural with the electronic make Nes' compositions instantly endearing and yet subtly catchy. FatCat again mine some of the best that far shores have to offer and lays it upon us in doses we can handle. Ames Room is out in a stagger of release dates, already released in the UK, hitting the rest of Europe January 21st and the US on Feb 19th.

[MP3] Silje Nes - Ames Room
[MP3] Silje Nes - Drown

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loves ames room... its beautiful and delicate ... thankyou for sharing!

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