Shock and Awe, another great release tumbles out of the Social Registry Social Club 7" series. This time its from Growing, sounding here much in the same vein as their upcoming EP for Soc Reg.

Growing - Disconfirm b/w Horizon Drift 7"
More skitter and twitter resembling the new sound of Growing. Again this is very reminiscent of the new sound of Black Dice but with Growing's own twist on the twisted electrics. Hey since I was a fan of the last Dice LP,
I'm definitely not one to complain about band's following suit in this form. The A-Side burbles and chugs with delight while the B-Side of this stays true to the "Drift" part of its title; very low key with some digital crunch thrown on for good measure.

[MP3] Growing -Disconfirm

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