Roy Tatum is a damned busy man. Under his Changeling alter ego he's got releases out on at least 3 or more labels right now (Abandon Ship, Not Not Fun, Sick Head, etc.) and the quality is striking. This double side of shimmering drone trickles, entitled Absolutely Free is probably the best bit of Tatum's work I've heard to date. Both halves, labeled pt. 1 and pt. 2 shine like thick pink pearls underwater; murky and elusive with an undeniable ability to hold you in rapture as long as they're playing. Effortlessly simple but at the same time these two pieces flow like a natural link to something so universally other. Its at times hard to tell whether these two pieces are filled completely with despair or with hope, but maybe that's the beauty of them; that the two feelings are so closely tied that Tatum is able to skim lightly the exact dividing line between them. I suppose whichever feeling makes you absolutely free is the correct answer. Package in beautiful collage work by Bethany of Pocahaunted.

[MP3] Changeling - Absolutely Free Pt.2

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