A truly wondrous release from Tenniscoats out on Sweden's inimitable Hapna records. Tenniscoats set to work like wide-eyed children at play in a room full of instruments; though I must say that they would have to be extremely musically inclined children. Simple melodies and repetitive vocals tiptoe around shimmering clouds of synth and exuberant fits of orchestration. Joined by Swedish electronic whiz kids and Hapna alum Tape, the duo gush and twirl their subdued melodies in a bath of electro-classical ephemera. Though Saya's vocals come across as delicate, they never cross the line into overly cutesy territory, she instead rides a balance of innocence and breathy beauty that compliments the menagerie of instruments that flit below her. Tenniscoats have formerly been known to meld folk and Japanese electronics but with the addition of Tape it seems that the duo have really found their niche in exposing the pulsating beauty that seems to float all around them. Tan-Tan Therapy is certainly a high point in the bands rapidly endearing catalog.

[MP3] Tenniscoats - Baibaba Bimba
[MP3] Tenniscoats - Rolling Train

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Blogger Moka said...

what a great album this is, I never could decide which of their two I found better so I had to cheat and include them both on the same spot in my year-end list... of course, I've only been obsessed on this one for a few days and totemo-aimasho has been on repeat since I ordered on June.

Will you be making a best of list this year? I'm increasingly interested on reading it by judging on all the exciting music you keep reviewing around here.

2:53 AM  
Blogger dissensous said...

Hey Moka,

This has definitely become a favorite for me as well. I will be wrapping up a year-end list quite soon. Look for my picks probably sometime next week to round out the year before the holidays.

12:28 AM  

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