First Nation lost member Melissa Livaudais, and added Abby Portner (sister of Dave Portner) so naturally they ditched the old name and were re-christened Rings. A large step forward from their previous album, Black Habit is a loose pop amalgam that falls somewhere squarely between White Magic and what might have been had Avey Tare and Kria Brekken released their album in its forward state. The Brekken touchstone is a bit unsurprising, considering she had a producing hand in Black Habit. Wistful harmonies delve slowly into darker atmospherics with circular piano and guitar lines that give quick reason the new name, Rings. The album that will feel quite at home on Paw Tracks, with no shortage of spastic break downs and harmonized shouts of elation/frustration. Though it will be hard for the band to eek out of the shadow of their Animal Collective connections it seems that the merit of their album should help them stand alone.

[MP3] Rings - Mom Dance
[MP3] Rings - You Remind Me

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Anonymous nn said...

happy new year. good job bringing the sounds in '07. the record store that i worked at closed this year and i have come to rely on blogs like yours to keep me up on the new shite. thanks.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

good stuff. I really loved your garage rock posts this year

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