Quinn Walker

With a few exceptions I've been a consistent fan of Voodoo-Eros. They don't always release a ton of records but what they do usually makes me perk up an ear. This is certainly true of Quinn Walker, the latest wayward traveler to grace their stable. Serving up a double disc as a debut is both presumptuous and wholly ballsy at the same time. To think that people would take the time to wade through not one but two discs of an artist that you're for the most part unfamiliar with takes quite a bit of latter day gumption. Luckily Walker he's got the writing skills to back up any such wild notions of grandeur. Both Laughter's An Asshole and Lion Land boast full collections of lush psych pop loaded with layered harmonies, street corner theatrics and the modern eccentricities that have become an indie staple (read: the children of The Animal Collective are growing stronger by the minute). Though Mr. Walker may well have more in common with AC's kindred spirit Ariel Pink, if Pink would stop sun baking his demo reels and turning them in junk drawer mix tapes. This one's coming up against some heavy releases this January but I fully expect quite a few people to nab this one up for the gem it is.

[MP3] Quinn Walker - Rita Lolita
[MP3] Quinn Walker - Heaven With You Tonight

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