The Hidden Twin

Recorded at home in the respite between touring and work in Modey Lemon, Phil Boyd has crafted a superb solo record that show's a strong divergent side to the songwriter. Driving away from Modey Lemon's bombast and 60's garage snarl, Boyd instead taps the other side of the 60's opting for the stark trappings of the loner folk vibe. Not wallowing in sentimentality but steering just clear of bleak; tones of restless roots and vagabond charm anchor a troubadour singer-songwriter with a head for harmony. Gone is the skuzzed rasp of Modey Lemon and instead Boyd's voice rings with hushed confidence and a twinge of urgency. Asleep in the Valley is spotted with trail dust and wrung in afternoon sweat. A haunting vision from the road and at the same time a bittersweet vision of American life. On songs like "Thirteen Miners" and "The Ballad of Eliza Downe" Boyd's tales are draped in the kind of American Grit that has long left most folk today. The impact hits harder through his lilting delivery that gives each story an eeriness that would have turned to bravado in a lesser hand. A pleasant surprise and not at all what I was expecting from a Modey Lemon side project.

[MP3] The Hidden Twin - Just A Few Friends
[MP3] The Hidden Twin - Thirteen Miners

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