A couple of worthy tidbits that have floated onto my computer as of late.

First off this great EP from Fuck Buttons, who've garnered a bit of press for having been confirmed for the Pitchfork curated ATP and who's Bright Tomorrow 7" has caught the ear of a few sources out there. This ep moves the duo into a bit more
solid territory, with both the tracks jutting out over the 8 minute mark. A great clash of styles; lucid droney electronics smashing headlong into fits of screaming and restrained chaos. The pair certainly show promise once they get a few more releases under their belt. No word on a full length just yet but it seems destined in the future.

[MP3] Fuck Buttons - Sweet Love For Planet Earth Removed at label's request.

Matador's got some confirmed release dates, art and samples for two RSTB anticipated releases. The first being Dead Meadow's follow-up to Feathers, which took the band into much lusher sonic territory. From the sound of the first peek at
Old Growth it looks like some of the shoegazy mist may have burnt off, but only to be replaced by a very classic and world-weary sound. "What Needs Must Be" is caked in road dust and strained thorough van windows. Really looking forward to hearing the rest of this album. Old Growth is out February 5th.

[MP3] Dead Meadow - What Needs Must Be

Next up Matador grabs a gem out of Siltbreeze's roster in the form of Times New Viking. Admittedly I caught wind of their SB album a bit late but was definitely won over by it quickly, though I am a bit surprised that it reached such mass appeal.
Some people can't always see the gems beneath the grit and I guess in this case Matador just had the right kinda ears. The new album seems, at least from the sound of this double shot from the upcoming Rip It Off, to be another struggle between melody and the limitations of tape fidelity. Fuzz caked and beautiful, I'm glad to see some of Roland's stable getting their due. Rip It Off is out January 22nd.

[MP3] Times New Viking - (My Head)/ R.I.P. Allegory

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Anonymous twoism2 said...

wow - dead meadow has really mellowed out, but still liked the song. Fuck buttons sounds really cool, need to check that out. Thanks for the songs, like your blog!

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