Chriss Sutherland

Cerberus Shoal main man Chriss Sutherland takes a nod from James Toth and goes the singer-songwriter route and quite honestly the results are wonderful. It seems that Sutherland's been sitting on the idea for a while and finally took Toth's urging to record the album. The songs smell of salt air and burnt afternoon sun, with a dusty veneer of Spanish language touching up the chorus' and subtle underpinnings of piano and banjo to round out Sutherland's spare voice and guitar. Simplicity is the tone of Me In A "Field" but just as with many of the greatest sparse records, the ability to restrain from over-embellishing things is the album's core. Sutherland's voice rings parched with experience but comfortingly assured. A storyteller crooning stories mostly to himself, but without a shred of concern that anyone else is listening. This disaffectedly assured delivery makes every tale that much more affecting. Afternoon sun on the turn downward and the dust of the day settling all around; songs of celebration, lament and truth just beginning to touch the night air.

[MP3] Chriss Sutherland - Deseos
[MP3] Chriss Sutherland - La Familia

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thanks brother!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

superb blog
but to be pedantic would have to be unaffectedly i think

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