Blood on the Wall

Ok so up front there's the fact that Blood on the Wall sound like every 90's band you ever loved and yeah you could just write that off to being derivative. But here's the catch, they do it so well that you find yourself digging back through those 90's records and not being able to find just the right one that they seem to have gotten lodged in your head. This is simply because they've distilled the decade down to its sloppy, fun, rock hard freakin' core. Between this and Awesomer they've produced two of the 90's best records, they uh...just didn't do it in the 90's. Liferz is ragged and fizzy, turbulent and catchy. This is an open hearted ode to baggy band shirts and pent up bedroom sing-a-longs. Hey this isn't going to displace any of your Pavement of Pixies records from your heart just yet but it's certainly going to make you bop your head and move your feet. This one jumps onto the shelves January 22nd. Keep an eye out.

[MP3] Blood On The Wall - Hibernation
[MP3] Blood On The Wall - Junkee... Julieee...

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