Julianna Barwick

Brooklyn's Julianna Barwick has produced a wondrous, ethereal album that should certainly be getting more attention than it has. I was introduced to her by Sergio from the great Portugese radio show Má Fama. Sergio has a session up with the enchanted songstress over at his site and its well worth checking out. His prompting led to me listening to her album Sanguine which by most conventional methods has little grounds for comparison. Barwick utilizes her voice as the main instrument but with some very atmospheric touches surrounding it in a gauze of fog and a soft halo of ambient light. Processing her voice, almost entirely wordlessly through an effects pedal, her music moves in circular paths that shimmer as often as they pulse, chant as often as they float. Her music isn't necessarily folk but its certainly personal, its not necessarily choral but its certainly trained. It floats in hypnotic warmth in a kind of transcendental foma cloud that could brighten the darkest moment. This is spiritual music for those who don't over think simple beauty. The album is short and mostly comprised of a series of untitled pieces but I hope that this small offering is just an introduction to what Barwick can accomplish.

[MP3] Julianna Barwick - Untitled 3
[MP3] Julianna Barwick - Dancing With Friends

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Anonymous Will said...

I happen to be listening to this album for the first time right now. I agree. it deserves attention. Lovely stuff.

10:44 PM  

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