The Jukebox is back with another shuffle from the lost generation. A bit of folk, a smattering of psych and even delving into some hard rock classics.

[MP3] Dragonfly - Blue Monday
A hard slab from Dragonfly with a pummeling bass and some classic fuzz, topped off with the classic bravado of hard rock vocals. Drives like a two ton truck straight into your speakers and there's no shame in that.

[MP3] Dr. Strangely Strange - When Adam Delved
A pastoral respite of psych-folk that's steeped in the wooded countryside. A traveler's flute and sweet tinged minstrel guitar make this instrumental more wistful than saccharine, but with a touch of sadness around the edges.

[MP3] Spirits and Worm - All I Need Is a Little You
Full bodied late 60's pscyh rock that goes from big to bigger. Powerful female leads over some bouncy guitar work that gives way into a huge wave of brass and some formidable guitar work. This one steers just short of over the top and hangs on for dear life. Classic.

[MP3] Hurdy Gurdy - The Giant
Opening with some phased drum action before splitting into an early prog-psych workout. Not so prog as to be indulgent but this definitely has that harder 70's edge to it. Nice effects and a strident vocal round out this great nugget from before prog went sour.

[MP3] Pussy - Everybody's Song
Name your band Pussy and somebody is going to listen, right? Well the whole album may not land in classic territory but this creeper of a fuzz psych track makes that curiosity well worth it. Its not overly showy but has the right balance of smoky organ riffs and crunchy guitar.
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posted by dissensous at 9:58:00 AM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very nice. COuld you do just ONE more of those hard rock posts? The one with Majic Ship and Open Mind was blissful.

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that song by Pussy doesn't seem to have worked

3:21 PM  
Blogger dissensous said...

Oops there you go. Fixed the last song. Everything should work now.

6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your jukebox series is my fav - well done! i had no idea any of these bands existed.

7:58 PM  
Blogger YARNLAZER (adam) said...

now that is some heavy fuzzed out groove


2:19 PM  

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