As the 60's drew to an end and psychedelia gave way to the birth of hard rock, there remains an interesting period of adjustment and a shift in sound. This period produced bands that straddled these two worlds often mixing the charm of psychedelia with a much harder sound for outstanding results.

Majic Ship - Majic Ship
Prior to their debut full length Majic Ship's sound was rooted in pop covers but as they headed to the studio a hard edge drifted into their music and mixed with a sense of breezy psych for quite a wonderful album. When the band slows down
the tones grow moody, with flourishes of acoustic guitar that would echo shades of Zeppelin and Small Faces. As the volume increased the band's harder tracks aren't as over the top and hedonistic as 70's hard rock would become but it still packs a tougher punch than some of their contemporaries of the same period. The band never had any real strong label support and as usual this led to their demise but the album and some early singles compilations from the era are definitely worth a listen.

[MP3] Majic Ship - Sioux City Blues
[MP3] Majic Ship - Free

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The Open Mind - The Open Mind
The transition from pychedelia into hard rock produced similar results in the UK as with the heavier sounds that came out in the Small Faces later work, The Open Mind was rooted in a freakbeat sound that turned heavy. Its really the vocal
style that echoes the mod and freakbeat sounds of earlier UK rock on this album but melding these with the more progressive guitar sounds and a bit of eastern psych produces interesting and in some cases spectacular results. The band's successful combination of these elements reaches its peak on the standout "Magic Potion" which foreshadows a bit of space rock later day psychedelic styles to come. A great classic from the crossover period.

[MP3] The Open Mind - Magic Potion
[MP3] The Open Mind - Try Another Day

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excellent. The transition from psychedelic to hard rock was blissful. Iron Butterfly and Blue Cheer and Hendrix were my first exposure to this stuff, but a lot of Nuggets are from this time too

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