White Rainbow

Yarn Lazer head honcho and all around collaborator extraordinaire Adam Forkner's White Rainbow gets its due in a dual release on Kranky(CD) and Marriage Recs (Vinyl). Forkner paved the way in Yume Bitsu and lent his hand to multiple projects including Dirty Projectors and JOMF, and though this is the biggest label that White Rainbow has graced he's been cranking the quality out for some time now. Seeing as his last release was a 5CD box clocking in at over 4 1/2 hours, Prism of Eternal Now seems brief at only 71 minutes but it packs in plenty of earth core vibrations and neo-psych wanderlust into its tracks. Forkner is a mastermind at letting his works flow like movements in one long piece and Prism is no exception; it washes like dream states over the listener so that you hardly notice time has passed before the sun rises and the dream is broken. A deep R.E.M. sleep-state that pulses with colors and flashes inexplicable and inexorable scenes onto the back of your eyelids.

[MP3] White Rainbow - Mystic Prism
[MP3] White Rainbow - Waves

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