Though I prefer the full album or vinyl reviews it does occur to me that every once in a while I do get items and information that just don't fit that format. So when these do float through my daily life I'll post them under the title of "Loose Flotsam;" a forum for news and noteworthy items that come RSTB's way.

* Blood on the Wall have confirmed the release date for their next album Liferz as January 22nd. I thoroughly enjoyed the crunch and spazz of their last release so look for a full review as this one nears.

[MP3] Blood On The Wall - Hibernation

* Liars have released 4 track studio session of demos for free download. These tracks were recorded around the same time as the latest album and give an early picture of the songs in formation. The session includes the following tracks.

1. Cycle Time
2. Houseclouds
3. Pure Unevil
4. Plaster Casts Of Everything

[MP3] Liars - Plaster Casts of Everything (Demo)
You can download the rest of the tracks HERE

*This also remided me that I was remiss in discussing the accompanying 4 track Liars Radio session that came with a few copies of the S/T album. This radio session contained alternate live versions of the songs:

1. Plaster Casts of Everything
2. Houseclouds
3. Protection
4. Sailing To Byzantium

It's OOP now but you can snag a track below.

[MP3] Liars - Sailing To Byzantium (Live Radio Session)
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