Theo Angell & The Tabernacle Hillside Singers

Settling comfortably but not complacently into his role as a folk troubadour, Theo Angell's latest release Auraplinth is a twisting, creaking riverbed tussle into the bowels of folk and the roots of blues. Finding a nice home amongst noisemakers and string pickers at Digitalis, Angell has disentangled himself from his former affiliations with Hall of Fame and JOMF. This record is dark and knotted but Angell's voice remains clear and sure above the mild clatter of strings. Gone are the murky vocal waters and tortured electronics, instead Angell and the Tabernacle work a bit of the comunal vibe; warm and inviting at its sweetest times, haunted and cautionary at its darkest. Quite honestly the most endearing work I've heard from Angell yet, a record that plays more with songs than the structure of sound, however a bit of his past can be heard on the vocal catscratch of "Flurid Mourning" amongst other digressions throughout. Angell has sweetened, but the weight of his songs still hit just as hard.

[MP3] Theo Angell & The Tabernacle Hillside Singers - Have U Seen The Birds Lately
[MP3] Theo Angell & The Tabernacle Hillside Singers - Aurelia

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Blogger ana said...

two wonderful songs, thanks a lot dissensous

4:27 AM  
Blogger hoelk said...

anyone got the lyrics for that have you seen the birds track?

12:01 PM  

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