I've been waiting for a follow up ever since Citay released their debut a couple of years back. The band make the move from Important to SC/Jagjaguwar imprint Dead Oceans and again grace us with a peaceful slice of folk/rock that carves a unique piece out of the 70's rock canon. Finding a nice niche among the softest and most acoustic heavy moments of Led Zeppelin and blending this with the clean electric leads, the band that started as Tim Green's (Fucking Champs) side project has grown legs and then some; the live band has expanded to include friends from Tussle, Crime In Choir, The Dry Spells, By Land And Sea, 3 Leafs, Galactic Bunz, Horn of Dagoth and Sweet Potatoes. Perfectly sun-dappled and soaked with the morning dew, Little Kingdom is a natural extension of Citay's debut, riding the same wave without sounding like they've duplicated themselves. SC is pretty tight with their tracks so just the one will have to do but do yourself a favor and pick up the album on Nov. 6th.

[MP3] Citay - First Fantasy

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