It seems that the classical/electronic combo is becoming its own genre with a strong European bent; but trust me, I'm not going to complain of an over saturation of icily beautiful scores. It's been quite a few years since Oliver Doerell and Stephan Wohrmann's debut put a huge mark on the genre and their follow-up Sekunden seems well worth the wait. A heavy center on the piano, cut through with elements of jazz and organic stabs of electronic gimmickry, Sekunden's temper is calm without becoming stagnant. Puddles of ease give way to snaky passages of restrained skitter and swing so subtle you barely notice it's begun before you're engulfed in it. As the album moves towards a close the band open up wider into cinematic territory, cutting deeper into the emotional depth of the piano and allowing the melody to pan like a lens.

[MP3] Swod - Deer
[MP3] Swod - Paintage

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