The men of Meneguar return for a second round with a new album, Strangers in our House. In my book Woods always takes the edge over Meneguar in the Deroeck/Earl camp but the new record shows the band really starting to hit a stride. Though the most captivating tracks are the two that showed up on the excellent "Bury A Flower" 7", the band still distill the 90's indie vibe better that many who've been praised much higher for the same. Strangers has an urgent energy that will make you dig a thermal shirt out for one more walk through your college rock heydays. The guitars clang in the right places, the voices strain like they actually give a shit and the drums pound with fevered heat. Head over to Troubleman Unlimited and try to score the nicely packaged vinyl in one of the initial pressings of green or white. You know you can't resist the colored vinyl!

[MP3] Meneguar - Scrap and a Pull
[MP3] Meneguar - Living In The White

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thereĀ“s a wonderful clip with meneguar at this swedish site called psl:

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