The second 12" from in a triple series from The Social Registry Rolls out the door and onto the turntables. Showing yet another side of the band, these singles have proven to be some of the band's best work.

Vietnam - TSR EP Number 2
This second EP, which flies under awning of album track "Mr. Goldfinger" includes an excellently mellowed Dr. John cover and claims the band's shortest and most fiery song yet, written and recorded in an hour. These EPs just seem to be
getting better, the songs on this release swerve out of their typically laid back stoner blues groove, veering both mellower and harder on the same release. When this series is complete it may well collect the most diverse and accomplished works the band has to offer, funny what releasing a band from the constraints of an album can do sometimes.

[MP3] Vietnam -Right Place Wrong Time
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