Grampall Jookabox

Indiana duo Grampall Jookabox play folk music filtered through the eyes, hearts and mouths of junkyard soul, stream of conciousness lyricism and cut and paste aesthetics. For every poignant note the group touches on, they're equally ready to steamroll it with an abstract tangent. Scientific Cricket packs together into one album a legacy of dark rooted songwriting and modern experimental bents; treading the roads that Animal Collective, Beck and Leadbelly cut down before them and swerving between them with equal fervor. Decidedly lo-fi, and decisively rustic the album is a product of modern times emulating an impulse of the past and honestly its pretty good at what its trying to achieve. The duo make no excuses for themselves, they're simply following their muse as far as it will take them.

[MP3] Grampall Jookabox -Ponta
[MP3] Grampall Jookabox -Brick People Chant
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