Another Tuesday and another jolt from the jukebox. This week the box swerves all over the sounds of the 60's, hitting on some rough shots of garage, fuzz tone psych and the sweet haven of the West Coast.

[MP3] The New Tweedy Bros. -I Can See It
A nice portrait of San Francisco psych, this track is distinctly West Coast and relies heavily on the Jefferson Airplane style that permeated Haight-Ashbury. Breezy and melodic but with a tough bite of fuzz, this is probably the best that the New Tweedy Bros. had to offer but its a great offering indeed.

[MP3] The Sevens -I'm Crying
A rollicking slab of garage that jangles with angst and swings with soul. This Swiss band had all the snarl and fervor of the best of their day and this track in particular picks up the pace, storms out of the garage and jumps up and down the block.

[MP3] Fifth Flight -Sugar Mountain
Pressed in a miniscule run on California Customs Records, this gentle psych band is best known for this cover of Neil Young's 'Sugar Mountain'. Taking Young's poignant tale and giving it a pastoral psych treatment, this track has cemented the band's status amongst collectors worldwide; gilding it with dashes of fuzz, heavy organ and breezy West Coast harmonies.

[MP3] The Moving Sidewalks -99th Floor
An absolute essential garage track and one of the Texas scene's finest. The Moving Sidewalks featured the searing guitar of one Billy Gibons better known for his work with ZZ Top. This track stomps and grinds like a southern fried 96 tears, trading soul for blues fire.

[MP3] Beacon Street Union -Green Destroys the Gold
Fuzzy psych soul shot like a rocket from the Bosstown scene. Much of Beacon Street Union's work was hit or miss but as this track shows when they did hit is was dead on and cut to the core. A great classic of the 60's sound.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As usual, inspiringly brilliant. I am in utter awe of your ability to dig up these artists. A great number of them seem to be completely unreleased, yet are as good as anything on Nuggets or any of the Pebbles series. Keep it up

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