The Skull Defekts

The Skull Defekts emerge from their noisy past and create a somewhat more straightforward record. The sounds on Blood Spirits & Drums Are Singing aren't exactly what you'd expect from a band that once split a release with Wolf Eyes; the record owes much more to PiL than to John Wiese but the results are probably the band's most captivating yet. While the themes of doom and noise have been knocked down a notch, the band's attention to repetition and pounding rhythm meshes nicely with their newfound attention to post-punk's past. Grating, choppy guitars work their way over clockwork rhythmic chugs that could boil from their inner tension. The album was definitely an unexpected move but I think much to the band's favor as the realm of noise becomes increasingly more crowded by the day. The album is out now on Conspiracy Records, home to releases by Jesu, Boris and Growing

[MP3] The Skull Defekts -Rhythm Is The Key
[MP3] The Skull Defekts -White Lights Burning Eyes
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