Residual Echoes

Adam Payne and Co. release an EP that eschews their love of long-form freakouts for a dash of 60's garage punk. Moving back to L.A. from Santa Cruz may have put a shot of pop into their usual lot of acid fried jams, and with the exception of the EP's closer no tracks stretch past the five minute mark. The new direction hasn't done anything to deplete the band's fiery delivery though, Firsts still seethes with urgency atop the new bits bop and jangle. The first and last tracks still retain a feeling of the band's past so it appears that they've not totally shirked their image, though these traces of the past seem to be the best of the bunch so here's hopin' the band doesn't actually drive into the pop territory for good.

[MP3] Residual Echoes -Dosed Clothes
[MP3] Residual Echoes-Fresh Eyes
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