Library Tapes

Though the combination of classical piano and field recordings is starting to become a genre unto itself, it still amazes me when someone can pull something so powerful from something so simple. Swedish artist David Wenngren has on his third and now solo record, created a stirring set of songs that are littered with melancholia and a wonderfully antique sense of ennui. Höstluft sits on your chest like the memory of each year squandered, his sense of loss filling up your lungs. There's a touch of bittersweet but its filtered through the dusted and scratched lens that Wenngren creates through field recordings. His piano lines are simple but as with others in this genre, the simplicity is what creates the greatest impact; just trails of sallow notes that float from the speakers to ignite the spectre of the past. This record is definitely in the top of this genre, competing with Eluvium and Max Richter in terms of emotional depth. Höstluft is out now on Make Mine Records.

[MP3] Library Tapes -Mellan Ljud Och Text
[MP3] Library Tapes -Pjotr
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