As the Liars continue to defy the expectations set upon them, their new album shows them merely growing in the same directions begun on Drum's Not Dead rather than pulling any musical 180's. The diversity remains but this time the sound has regained a tough edge not really seen since their debut. Maybe the guys traded in their Animal Collective records for the last two Oneida releases. Maybe they're looking to the past and possibly finding themselves again along the way. Maybe not, but whatever they're doing it seems like a step in the right direction. Liars is steeped in atmosphere, the vocals are hazy but much less chorused than the last record, the songs buzz and crumble with a familiar din and there's a hint of fire at the edges of some tracks. It still lacks the immediacy that permeated their debut but at this stage of a band's career immediacy is hard to come by without some pretty serious tragedy shaking things up. This record is definitely the sound of a band fusing its influences and interests into its own aural past. Liars is out August 28th.

[MP3] Liars -Cycle Time
[MP3] Liars -Clear Island
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Anonymous Jeff said...

This album just blows me away. I don't know how they keep on doing it...

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