The Fun Years

Isaac Sparks and Ben Recht have created a record that screams out in defense of the album format. Ok well considering their nature, perhaps screams isn't really the correct word but Life-Sized Psychoses does capture an album's ability to exist as an entity quite nicely; each song fading into the next with subtle slide and crackle. The duo have been creating ambient resonance for some time now, and this latest album shines through with their mix of turntable loops and mindful guitar. On paper this sounds like just another group of electronic musicians fiddling with knobs and trying to interject the relics and remnants of rock into this context but honestly the result is quite brilliant. Brecht's touch on the guitar locks in a touch of groove that is complemented aptly by Spark's choice of noisy LP samples that turn each particle of well ingrained dust into skittish percussion. Songs can sometimes wander into the sleepy territory but just before this happens, Recht comes through with some heat on the guitar and turns the feeling around. Definitely a record meant to be listened to in the dark, and definitely not to be taken lightly.

[MP3] The Fun Years -Softly As Stilts
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