Still more garage, pop and psych from the Jukebox this week. Some gritty garage-centric classics but with a splash of sunshine-psych to keep you on your toes. As always, sample and enjoy.

[MP3] The Move -Hey Grandma
Still finding their feet on their first album, The Move padded it out with a few covers. This stab at the Moby Grape's "Hey Grandma" trades the original's easy California flair for a tighter Mod approach, toughening it a bit and giving it a bit of plunk on the piano. Not many can tackle the Grape and do it justice but The Move make this one their own.

[MP3] The Flower Pot Men-Let's Go Back To San Francisco Pt. 1 & 2
Doing their best Beach Boys impression, the Carter-Lewis songwriting team had a hit with this sunny summer tale that both epitomized and commercialized the West Coast Sound. Nonetheless the song is pretty enough; cycling from breezy to an oddly melancholy middle section and wistfully returning to usher out the summer of love once and for all.

[MP3] The Lords -Boom Boom
One of the best garage groups Germany had to offer in the mid-60s, The Lords vamped up rendition of this John Lee Hooker staple has to be heard to be believed. The accented vocals sneer and swagger with a force of youth and rebellion. This is the sound of Germany pulling free from the oom-pah beat that permeated its folk traditions. The Lords put a twist in the step of German youth and all for the better.

[MP3] Friar Tuck-Louie, Louie
An oft covered garage and pre-punk staple, but you've never heard it like this. Friar Tuck is the studio creation of Curt Boettcher and guitarist Mike Deasy. The two take this tune to the psychedelic lounge both laying it back into an easy groove laced with multi-tracked vocals and doing a bit of a psych workout on the outro. A true oddity of the time period but definitely worth a listen.

[MP3] Fat Water-I Can Be Happy
A 60's album that has very little documentation but shows a nice synthesis of the West Coast Vibe. Fat Water work the male/female harmony vocals nicely and cut the breeziness out of the Californian influences with huge organ stabs that give it a little touch of Deep Purple. A full steam track that hits in all the right places.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

in-fuckin-credible. These posts are consistently your best. Some of these bands are just hard-rockin and energetic. fantastic. keep these posts going

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed. How about The Fugs? or Kaleidoscope (the san francisco psychedelic version, although the UK group ain't half bad)?

2:18 AM  

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